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Many of our clients have questions they need answers to. It helps them clear their minds and develop a better trust in our services. In order to make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on this page. You can go through them and see if we answer your questions, if not, then you can put one forward to our helpline and we assure you of the prompt response.

Trusting a third party company for something as crucial as your academic essay can be difficult. However, we assure you that our services are known for professional work and results. We have established a trusted name in the market by working with clients across the world since a long time.
Your paper and essay work goes through professional writers and a strict quality control department; there can never be an instance where a certain essay is not what you asked for. However, since there is always a chance of human error, we assure you that your money will be returned. You can claim your money back by showing us the proof of a bad grade because of our paper or a remark from school which shows that the paper was not correct.
The order delivery charges depend on the location the paper is being delivered to. If it is in your email inbox, then obviously there are no charges, if you are asking for a hard copy, then there might be some extra charges. The delivery time of the paper depends upon how much time you give to our writers and the time it takes to complete a certain paper. Whatever the case is, you will be notified at every step of the way.
We have a team of over 100 professional writers chosen from different backgrounds to provide specialised services in different courses and assignments. Our recruitment process ensures only the top writers work for our company and on your assignment.
Given that you have provided us with clear instructions and have communicated your teacher’s expectations correctly, then we can assure you with our work that you will get nothing else than an A grade.
All our papers go through a strict quality check; we assure you none of the papers will fail to qualify for the quality benchmark we claim.
Our writers are always available and you can hire the same writer again.
None of your information will be sold to a third party, everything is strictly classified.
All our work is completely free of any plagiarism; this is again ensured through various quality checks and reports. Upon your request, we can also serve you with a plagiarism free report for your work.
Yes, you can avail a 15% discount on your first orders. We also run seasonal discounts during different times of the year.

Disclaimer is a company which provides authentic and easy guidance and assistance in completing your academic assignments. We also provide well custom written academic paper for your assistance. But it is not the final or furnished paper, it is strongly recommended to create your own paper by the help of provided reference paper.

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